(757) 739-8094    •     P.O. BOX 298, Lanexa, VA  23089
"I truly appreciate the help you gave me and to my children. If you all wouldn't have been able to help me, my lights would have been turned off and my children would have been taken and given to the state."
    - Cynthia

"Thank you so very much for your extra effort and support in helping me to make my rent payment. Chaplain Boyd, may God bless you!"
    - James

"I thank God for your agency being mentioned to me. Due to medical problems, I have been out of work for 6 months.  I will forever thank God for allowing the HRGSF to find favor in me and help me."
    - Hortense

"The people of Newport News and Hampton are so blessed to have an organization like you. you see the need and do whatever it takes to meet it. I have come to you on two occasions and you have come thru for me. Chaplain Boyd asked me questions about my needs and assured me my bills would be paid. I am so grateful to your foundation because I did not have to go too long without electricity or water."
    - Sonja

"When I spoke with you it seemed as if a weight was lifted and a light to the path was shown. Our family is forever grateful to you for your assistance with our power bill as it was past due, and with an 8-month-old and a 5-year-old, power is crucial."
    - Christina

"Words cannot express how grateful I was when the Hampton Roads Good Samaritan Fund paid for my medication. It is so nice to know that there are still people who take pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good. "
    - Deborah

"I am currently a college student. I live in a hotel in Newport News, and I was able to pay the weekly rate at first but times got really bad for me.     I would really love to finish school and make something of myself. Thank you!"
    - Antonia

"I am the single parent of a 16-year-old daughter who was recently diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in her brain. I used the money I had for my rent to cover hospital co-pays and was facing eviction until you helped pay my bills. Thank you so much."
    - Kimberly

"We have four children, three with special needs. We would not have had a Christmas this year if it had not been for the people who 'adopted' us ... I'm extremely grateful you were able to buy me shoes, because we can usually only afford to buy me one pair of $10 shoes a year. You seem to know exactly who we were and what the kids wanted. It is nice to know people care so much about others. One day when we are financially secure hopefully we will be doing the same for other families in need."
    - Petra

Thank you for helping my family out during a very difficult time.     Committing to help my family pay on a loan took a tremendous burden off of us, during a time when we were unable to pay our bills. Your generosity means so much and I will never forget what you did for my family."
    - Sidney

"I have had the great pleasure of knowing Marie Boyd for at least 10 years now. On numerous occasions, I have had to solicit assistance from your foundation through Marie for some of the many crime victims who are my clients. The assistance given by your foundation has been vital in assisting these victims who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. Marie, having a heart as big as all outdoors has helped whenever the foundation funds were available. She has very rarely turned me down when I have made a request on behalf of a victim. Please know that the foundation     provides a valuable service to people in need during these times when agencies that would normally assist are unable to due to economic shortcomings as well."

    - Adrienne S. Johnson, Commonwealth Attorney's Office
"I have never in my life asked anyone for any kind of help. In my career as a firefighter/medic, I have always been the one to give help ... But my wife is getting worse and worse with her fibromyalgia and RA,  and now my son has been having medical problems and is on a feeding tube. I am killing myself just to     make ends meet, with a second mortgage, second job, and credit card and hospital bills. Thank you... and God bless!"
    - Wayne