Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I know your clients won't take the "rent" money I donated and spend it on something else?
A. ​​​​We don't give money to clients, but use it to pay a client's bills or expenses directly.

Q. How often do people request help from the Good Samaritans?
A.  Calls for assistance come every day, seven days a week. On average we receive three to five a day.
(757)739-8094    •     P.O. BOX 298,    Lanexa, VA 23089
Q. When I send in a gift, where does the money go?
A. Directly to clients!  We have little to no overhead, because our executive director works from home. Her only real expenses are stamps, stationery, a P.O. Box, and a small website fee.

Q. Is my gift tax deductible?
A.  Yes! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Q. How do clients find you?
A.  Many agencies send requests to us, including Social Services, The Newport News Commonwealth Attorney's Office (Victim’s Assistance Unit), Peninsula Agency on Aging, local churches, fire departments, and police departments, to name a few.   
Nearly all have already approached every social welfare agency they can think of, every charity or church, and been turned away because they didn't qualify or the money's just not there. So those agencies refer callers to us.

Q. In what ways do you help the people who come to you?

A.  It varies widely, depending on the need. We help with rental assistance, power bills, gas, food medications, medical co-pays, and beyond.

Q. Do people use your charity to pay the same expense for them over and over again?
A. No.
We interview the clients in detail to assess whether the problem/situation is going to repeat itself in the next month. And when we do pay an expense for a client, we also provide budget counseling so they can learn to depend on themselves.

Q. Are there ever cases where you can't help the person?
A.  Sometimes, especially if we don't have enough money in our budget. But if we cannot provide the individual with the type of assistance they are requesting, we will then resource until a solution to the problem is found.  

Q. How big is your staff?
A.  The fund has no paid staff and is
100% volunteer-based. Chaplain Marie Boyd, executive director, runs the organization and works from home. We also have a six-member Board of Directors.